"Cleaning Solutions for Fire Hoses"

Fire Hose Cleaner wall mounted design for cleaning fire hoses.

The wall mounted Fire Hose Cleaner is ideal for removing contaminants from fire hoses before hanging in the hose tower. The Fire Hose Cleaner is installed into the existing hose tower wall. Easy to use, the fire hoses are pulled through the fire hose cleaner from the outside of the building straight into the Hose tower to hang and dry. The Fire Hose Cleaner reduces labour, extends the fire hose life span and allows for a proper fire hose inspection after each use. Each Fire Hose Cleaner is manufactured from quality 304 grade stainless steel. The jet ports are CNC machined into the cleaner chamber and all weld joints are TIG (GTAW) welded for extra strength. The Fire Hose Cleaner can be customized to match your specific needs.

Common customizations are;

  • Fire Hose Cleaner depth to match up to your wall thickness.
  • Water inlet and drain valve locations to simplify plumbing.
  • Water inlet size. Standard is 2"NPT.
Front inside view of the Fire Hose Cleaner with the door open showing the entrance roller.
Fire Hose Cleaner side view with the door closed.
Fire Hose Cleaner Kit ready to install into a Hose tower.
Front side view showing the open position.
Front view showing the open and closed positions.
Outside view with Fire Hose Cleaner door closed at the Nanoose VFD.
Fire Hose Cleaner with the door open at the Nanoose VFD.
Inside installation view at the Nanoose VFD.
Fire Hose Cleaner showing a typical plumbing installation.
Rear view showing the exit roller, water inlet and drain connectors.

Detailed descriptions on the features of the wall mounted Fire Hose Cleaner.

Download Section for General Drawings, Installation Instructions and Specifications.

General dimensions 2D drawing with the door closed.
General dimensions 2D drawing with the door open.
General dimensions 2D drawing showing the rear view.
Detailed installation instructions.
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